NEW: Star rating on our website

Everywhere in the World Wide Web they are already used. And now they are also with us: the rating stars! There is a lot happening on our new website every day. We are always changing and improving the site for you. The star rating is our newest feature for you.

How many stars do you give?

This new tool gives you the opportunity to express your personal opinion for all to see. We already know this function from Google, Amazon or many other retailers and platforms on the web. Now you can also vote at b-ceed.

Your opinion is important to us

With this small but nice feature you can rate every trip, company party or any other event. This way, you can show other us which offers you think are particularly recommendable.

Each entry can be rated with up to five stars. Five stars stand for absolute top class. Of course, you can rate as many posts as you like. There is no limit to the number of stars or rated posts per day.

And this is also an important tool for us. Because the opinion of our customers is particularly important to us. We want to know which event you like best and also where we can still improve. Of course, we would prefer to have five shining stars everywhere. But even if an offer is not perfect, we would like to know that. Only in this way can we continue to perfect ourselves. If you have any questions or personal comments, we are of course looking forward to your call. Because we can only react indirectly to a star rating. We would therefore be happy to discuss your concerns with you personally.

Which event do you like best?

Show us your favourites. Is it the incentive trip to Iceland or the city trip to Hamburg? Are you excited by the 80s theme party or the mulled wine hike? You can either rate the events you have already experienced. Or you can give stars to the ideas that inspire you.

We have a wide selection of choices that keeps growing. There is something for every style. Show us your stars, which event meets your taste. And see where the trends are going. It will be exciting to see which event ideas get the most stars and are therefore the most popular. This can also be interesting for your future event choices. Because you will be able to see what has already been well received in other companies and what is currently trending. So you are on the safe side with your event planning.

Click through our website right now and award stars for the best event ideas from b-ceed.

By the way, you can also rate this post directly.

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