Where can I find ideas for team building games?

Motivate employees with team events

Experience teambuilding games indoor and outdoor.

Team events for lateral thinkers and strategists.

The suitable Teambuilding games for a team event sometimes seems not so easy. A large offer with many ideas is waiting for you, but actually you do not know quite how you want to design your team day? In search of the best ideas that will both Indoor as well as Outdoor can take place, we are on ingenious Teambuilding games encountered. Do you want to increase employee motivation and strengthen team cohesion? Then the following ideas for a teambuilding event are just right! No more classic team events. It's time for innovative and sustainable teambuilding games.Teambuilding games for the company with b-ceed: events!

Indoor Teambuilding - Harnessing the power of the team.

For all those who like plan independently of the weather and would like to carry out the company event in the own premises now comes the perfect idea For a team building game. ‚The Panic Room' is the mobile Escape team event for companies. But we are not talking about a ordinary Escape Game. Panic Room is one of the Teambuilding gamesthat not only requires lateral thinking, but also communication with Strategy connects. As one of the events that can be done almost anywhere, it is still recommended as a indoor event (Insider Tip). On the run into the future you have to solve exciting puzzles and challenging tasks. But beware, you only have 60 minutes. Will you manage to break out of the room that seemed so normal at the beginning? Panic Room is guaranteed to be one of the Teambuilding games indoorthat motivates your employees to peak performance. Take advantage of the spirit of this team event and embark together on a successful future.Solve riddles and open locks at the christmassy team event Escape for Christmas | b-ceed: events

Teambuilding 2.0 - The digital outdoor event app!

We have the absolute innovation of Outdoor Teambuilding Games discovered! Globe Chaser®the unique digital outdoor event app for companies. Whether scavenger hunts, rallies or city tours, with the new Globe Chaser app new standards are set in terms of team development and Motivation set. For all those who want to spend their team event in nature and still want to be active, this is the right place. Event idea perfect. As a real Globe Chaser you become active in teams and work out certain theories in a clever way. But the best thing is, there are no limits to the app. You alone decide where your route goes from and how long you want to be on the road. But remember, the other teams are not asleep. In this team-building exercise you have to collect points. The high score decides at the end who has become a real Globe Chaser.Globe Chaser the outdoor event app from b-ceed events

Teambuilding games motivate the employees sustainably!

Finding ideas for team building games isn't that hard after all. With the right partner by your side, the search becomes even easier. Special teams deserve unique events. With exceptional team building games, you can thank your employees and ensure a day that won't soon be forgotten.

As an experienced event planning company for teambuilding events worldwide, we are happy to advise you. Feel free to call us at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0 or send us an email to info@b-ceed.de. In a first personal meeting we can talk about the suitable ideas for your next team event.

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