The latest trends in team building 2018

teambuilding events trends 2018

What's new in teambuilding events?

Strengthening the company culture with team building events is also an important point for companies in 2018. It has already been shown that strong, engaged teams are a huge advantage for companies to do this. However, what is changing in 2018 and where is this year's trend in team building measures heading?

Outdoor vs. indoor events.

While in the last years outdoor teambuilding events were in demand, the trend this year is also increasingly towards activities that can take place indoors. You don't have to go outside or even travel far to create beautiful and suitable experiences. Indoor team building events have the advantage that they are often inexpensive and easy to implement, as they can often even take place in your own company premises. In addition, they are a popular way to break up between meetings or conferences or as the first item on the agenda when introducing new teams - not to mention the fact that they are not dependent on the weather.

Far away from reality? No, right in the middle of it!

Events in which you reenact something realistic are also very popular. In this way, the participants can bring in their own experiences and process them or feel useful for themselves and their contribution. This is not just about pure entertainment, but about being part of a real, successful company story and illustrating this. A good example for such an event is the company trailer shooting "Klappe & Action".

teambuilding and personality development by b-ceedContinued trend: strongest in the Community.

Social events continue to be the most popular. At these events, all participants work together for one goal, whereby everyone can use their individual strengths. This can have a positive effect on the daily work routine. An example of such team events is the Panic Room or the mobile Escape Room, which can also be easily carried out indoors in your own company and thus combines two current trends. You only need to provide a room, the rest is taken over, planned and carried out by b-ceed.

Whether young or old, male or female, sporty or more creative - we have ideas with something for every team. You can find more ideas for events that primarily strengthen team spirit at .......

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