Teambuilding: further training for your employees 2018

training employees with structure: the new b-peep brand offers many new seminars and training courses in team building, communication and marketing, as well as sales.

Good reasons to change team building agencies.

We show you a new brand for seminars, training, marketing workshops and more: b-pep. While many companies plan teambuilding measures at very short notice, some act more prudently. A well-structured annual planning is not only important in the financial area of a company. Every budget should also include more for the further education of the employees.

Higher budgets for further training secure the company's future.

Many companies in Germany have already been convinced that a well-structured training plan not only provides employees with ongoing training. Rather, it ensures that employees are uprightly motivated and thus also secures the company's future. After all, the best sales are achieved through satisfied employees and a profitable structure in terms of further training. This pleases employees and also the boss. Teambuilding is a big point here and not only approach for change.

company b-ceed launches new seminar brand b-pep.

personality development, teambuilding, seminars, brand workshops and more: the new brand of b-ceed! b-pep
The new brand of b-ceed! Seminars, workshops, trainings in sales, marketing, personal development and teambuilding.

b-ceed is launching a whole new way of supporting people and companies with its new brand b-pep. With workshops, trainings and many seminars for personal development, brand positioning, sales and management, b-pep will soon hopefully become a new player on the market of seminar service providers. Changing your agency now means many advantages for companies: initial welcome bonuses and co-operations are only two of the innovative benefits if you want to change your teambuilding agency. Until the b-pep website is online, there is a lot of information available via phone to clients: 02251 929 330-0 or at

There are three types of team building.

Of course, such a project does not happen overnight. The quiet employee in the accounting department will not necessarily undergo a complete transformation of his character tomorrow. Nor should he. It is often due to given structures in the companies themselves. If a company is older, often the same principles still prevail as at the beginning of its time. This is where a strategic approach is needed, because many structures are manifested in the head and on paper. A lot of communication is important to bring about change - it is not enough to build a raft together once. In younger companies it often needs better cooperation among each other - because many young heads also mean a lot of hormones and young power. In all companies, reasonable conflict management is needed at some point. And that brings us to the three types of team building: strategy, collaboration, conflict resolution.

Teambuilding is further training for interpersonal skills.

Further training of employees does not only mean the improvement of professional knowledge. However, this is still confused by many entrepreneurs today. Further training is team building at the highest level, because with the right planning such a topic becomes the number one success factor. Usually employees have enjoyed a study or an operational training. Professionally, they are already professionals in their fields. Humanly, the characters of employees are often diverse. Reserved, extroverted or communicative: they all have to be reconciled.
We are looking forward to a strong teambuilding year 2018.

Your Denise.

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