Blog Post: Our Film Event "Flap and Action" in Euskirchen

With the help of iPads, your own films become great works of art

If you saw young people with carnival accessories and iPads acting a bit strange in Euskirchen this morning, you were watching our b-ceed groups. We did our "flap and action" format. Everyone involved was clearly enjoying themselves! And this is how the team building event looks in detail:

At 10:00 a.m., our two guides Anne and Michaela met with the customers at the Ameron Hotel in Euskirchen. After the introduction and a short briefing on how to use our iPads, everyone was already excited about filming and wanted to get started right away. With the iPad in hand, the first step was to choose the right themes. Because every trailer has a certain theme or genre that the teams have to stick to. No film has ever worked without props. Therefore, there were accessories and props to match the chosen genres. A crown, a Hawaiian skirt, plastic swords, wigs, masks...

And action! Here we go with the filming

All 15 participants, divided into two groups, now just wanted to get started! Equipped with all kinds of props, the iPad and an idea in their heads, the groups set off. At various locations, such as in the park, at the train station, in front of the hotel or simply in the middle of the city, small parts of the film were shot again and again - with the participants in the leading role. The creativity of the participants is always amazing. The craziest and funniest ideas come up and are captured in the film. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to reveal details of the private works, only this much: In one of the films, everything revolved around the buttocks.

Fine tuning and award ceremony

After all the scenes were "in the can", the trailers just had to be completed. Creativity was once again in demand here. Individual design and texts were inserted and adapted. In the end, the result was a truly unique and personal work. Of course, a small competition automatically arose and the participants wanted to know who had made the better film. Back at the hotel, Michaela and Anne immediately prepared the presentation. Everyone now watched the finished works together on the big screen - cinema feeling at their own film premiere. And the best film was chosen by the boss himself! After a small award ceremony with certificates, the morning ended in a cosy atmosphere.

Such a team building event is not only fun. The motivation of all participants is extremely increased and that was noticeable for everyone today. Such a morning is always a pleasure for us as well. By the way, you can find the link to our Team Building Event here: Shut Up and Action.

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