Virtual Quiz Tournament: Online Teambuilding Experiences

Experiences with b-ceed and a multi-day online quiz tournament

Many of you already know our virtual quiz show, which is becoming increasingly popular among customers. But did you know that we also organise entire quiz tournaments?

Quiz Tournament Online - Mega Teambuilding Virtual for Companies

Together with a big client, we are in the middle of an exciting and fun quiz tournament. No more boring home office - you all needed this change.

Quiz Tournament as Online Teambuilding - Experiences with b-ceed
Virtual team events from b-ceed: quiz tournaments and more

Our current experiences

Following the classic 32-team knockout system, we work with the teams week by week from one quiz tournament round to the next. Each week, a different type of quiz is on the agenda, which we customise and adapt each time together with the client. This means that there is never a dull moment and the participants can always expect something new.

After everything important for the upcoming quiz round has been discussed with the client, instructions including rules are designed for the participants. They will receive these in advance so that they can prepare themselves for the following quiz round in the best possible way.

After a short introduction by the supervising project leader, between 15-20 questions are answered in 30 minutes, depending on the round. The team that achieves the most points at the end moves on to the next round. You can literally feel the motivation and ambition of the participants.

Increase employee motivation with virtual team events from b-ceed.
Virtual teambuilding events create motivation among employees

Teambuilding Virtual - Corona must not create distance

Especially in pandemic and thus home office times, colleagues see each other much less often than before. Nevertheless, team building, employee loyalty and contact among colleagues are particularly important and should also be promoted during these times. Especially in large companies, colleagues usually only have contact with their respective team. Running into other colleagues in the lunch break or in the corridor and having a little chat is currently not a given. So it is all the more important to give colleagues the opportunity to see each other outside working hours, at least virtually. This is where the b-ceed quiz tournament comes in handy.

In order to increase the motivation of the employees and to give them back a little thanks during these special times, a small/big prize awaits the best team at the end, of course! The will and drive are definitely there in all participants.

Leader in Virtual Teambuilding Events

We are now a leader in the field of virtual events. Whether an online escape with 10 people or a quiz tournament with 500 people - no event is too big for us. So if you are also interested in a fun and varied quiz tournament as an online teambuilding measure, we are always available for a consultation.  

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