Why a graffiti course welds us together

Graffiti workshop by b-ceed welds teams together

We need motivation, we need a team!

There are many reasons why teams should attend a graffiti course. For one thing, the creative vein is strengthened in all participants. The participants get out of their everyday life and into a completely new and colourful world. On the other hand, the cooperation among each other is also strengthened, because graffiti is a first-class choice especially for teambuilding events. In this article you can read why a graffiti course really welds people together and what the advantages are.

Reasons for a teambuilding event with graffiti

There are tons of reports on the internet about why you should do team building and when the perfect time to do it should be. That's not what we're describing here today. Teambuilding should take place every day in your company - no matter if you make a coffee for your colleague or think of the whole team when it comes to ordering lunch. If the "team blessing" should hang crooked, appropriate teambuilding measures offer themselves. And there is hardly a better one than graffiti. Why? Just read on ... .

Graffiti course virtual - is that possible?

Since the Corona Pandemic at the latest, we too have partly switched to virtual team events, and quite successfully too. The online graffiti event has proven to be very popular. Participants receive a package from us by post containing all the utensils for a successful online event with graffiti spray cans and more. We take care of the guiding from our graffiti studio. The online graffiti event will also produce powerful works of art that will adorn the walls of your offices at the latest after the end of the pandemic - sprayed on canvas, of course.

Graffiti art brings us a little closer to freedom

While many team events are primarily aimed at working on specific situations in a modular way, graffiti first brings calm to the group. Graffiti art is an expression of freedom, of pure creativity and energy. Graffiti art reflects what is on your heart and soul. In graffiti, the artist's emotional state is the decisive reason for his work. This is how our graffiti team event starts: each participant goes into himself and thinks about motifs that fit his current situation. Instead of setting goals, as is the case with other team-building events, graffiti first encourages freedom of thought.

We are all in the same boat - no idea about graffiti

Most of us have never had anything to do with graffiti personally, while others live for it. In this event , we will introduce you to the art of graffiti and the urban attitude of graffiti artists within a few hours. In a workshop lasting several hours, you will learn the basics - starting with the correct position of spray cans, through the preliminary drawing of your motifs to "spraying". Everyone sits in the same boat and learns step by step what you need for a real day. No one is at a disadvantage and that's exactly the advantage of a graffiti teambuilding: everyone learns together.

Common motives create cooperation

Whether abstract, absurd, surreal or even psychedelic? No matter which motif you choose, creativity is the only thing that counts. Graffiti art is an attitude to life, freedom and lifeblood. Within a very short time, you will exceed your creative limits and work together on (crazy) works of art. In the process, many groups create motifs that definitely fit together. And that is exactly the goal of the graffiti workshop: a creative collaboration between the participants.

Professional guides lead through the workshop

Our graffiti guides will lead you through the graffiti workshop and give you the basics for a graffiti artwork. In addition, we present you with a battery of high-quality spray cans, overalls, protective masks and goggles as well as tag books and more. If you wish, we can work out the motifs together with you - it is not uncommon for company logos to be bathed in a completely new light.

Can I also plan Graffiti with my team as an offsite?

Graffiti is a great way to motivate employees to perform at their best, and not only in the area of professional team building. The company outing can also be combined with a graffiti course. Graffiti has also been very popular as a virtual event since 2020 for the virtual Christmas party. Together, works of art of Santa Claus and more are created at the end of the year. In the end, what counts most is having fun with each other; communication usually develops right at the beginning. Thus, a graffiti course is a great way to creatively promote the employees and, last but not least, the team throughout the year .

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