Ideas for Christmas parties: Culinary different?

Team cooking redefined at Santa's kitchen party

Festive dinner thoughts: Yes, is it Christmas party again? What's on the table?

August is over, summer is over, Christmas can come. And we are already looking forward to it. All the beautiful decorations, the presents, the reunion with the hunchbacked relatives... But most of all, of course, we are already looking forward to the food. Doesn't everyone? When the gift-shopping stress is over and you can finally enjoy, that's when Christmas is really nice. And what are we having this year?

Everything tastes better with cheese - even at Christmas

The Müllers always have a fat Christmas goose, the Schulzes traditionally have sausages with potato salad and the Mayers always eat fish at Christmas. Everyone has their traditions. But doesn't that get boring?
A very sociable version of the Christmas dinner is the raclette. Many families have long sworn by a raclette buffet for the holidays. Especially the housewife, who otherwise stereotypically spends the whole Christmas day in the kitchen has so much more of the holiday - and everyone gets what they want in the pan. Another cheese-heavy recommendation from us is the cheese fondue. A dream for all cheese fans.

Christmas without roast

More and more people in Germany are giving up meat or animal products. How about a vegetarian Christmas party? It doesn't have to be a monotonous salad or bland tofu. A hearty potato gratin with various vegetables can be prepared the day before, saves stress and tastes great. The same goes for spinach dumplings with mushroom cream ragout: vegetarian, Christmasy, delicious.

The festival of traditions

In the end, however, Christmas remains a tradition and all those who can't or don't want to do without their Christmas ganache: let them have it. We keep it to the topic Christmas dinner exactly like with our Christmas party ideas and incentive trips in winter: We want to give new impulses and ideas, but in the end it's about you being happy. But if you don't want to dare any culinary experiments at this special time of the year, you can still think about an eye-catching company Christmas party.

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