Our tip: Winter fairy tale fir tree cutting

christmas tree cutting at landforstgarten with b-ceed

Fir tree cutting in the real sparing

With (mobile) Christmas market, mulled wine and fir tree

Who does not know it - every year anew people in our country are looking for the right Christmas tree. Then you can buy trees at the corner across the street at the dealer or you order your tree in the internet. All those who want to make more out of their Christmas time can't get around the traditional cutting of the fir tree in the Schonung. But where should you go and where can you get the best trees? Today we would like to introduce you to what we consider to be Germany's most beautiful sanctuary:

Land forest garden in the Oberbergische Kreis

landforstgarten with family dissmann: our partner for christmas parties and trees

If you want to do it right, you can travel a few kilometres further from Cologne, Düsseldorf or the surrounding area. For some time now, we at b-ceed have been counting on the very high quality Nordmann firs from our forestry partner Landforstgarten. The trees are mostly grown very straight and have a decent size. The quality of the trees speaks for itself and in general the atmosphere on the entire forestry site is unique. From November onwards, customers can cut their own fresh trees and enjoy a mulled wine and small treats. The trees are loaded by the hard-working employees of the Dissmann family and so nothing stands in the way of a contemplative Christmas.

Christmas market at the weekend for all private guests

At the weekend, Landforstgarten with the Dissmann family cordially invites private customers, families with kids and all interested parties to the farm, because then the in-house Christmas market opens its doors. Delicious food, cool and hot drinks and handmade, Christmas gift ideas will then take hold at the beautifully designed Christmas market. Of course, you can also cut your own favourite tree and choose between several tree species. There is a choice of the now very popular Nordmann fir as well as blue and red spruces and also Nobilis and cork firs. So there is a lot to choose from and you should take some time to explore the huge shelter in the deep forest. And if you're lucky, there will be some snow.

Contemplative Christmas parties and customer events: the mobile Christmas market

In cooperation with Landforstgarten, b-ceed is now in its second year of designing glittering Christmas parties with many, high-quality trees. It doesn't matter whether you want to celebrate mobile on the company premises or on the large grounds in the Oberberg area. The Christmas party with real Christmas market stalls from b-ceed paired with the flair of high-quality Nordmann firs, net equipment and "Christmas tree vendors" is now a strong player in the market of Christmas party ideas in Germany. If you are also interested in such a Christmas party with booth magic, just send us your request. The mobile Christmas market is already a big hit.

Already now we wish all readers "Merry Christmas" 🙂

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