Three hiking routes in the Eifel with Lost Places

b-ceed hikes to the lost places in the eifel

Hiking in the Eifel: castle ruins, volcanoes and devilish symbols.

The beautiful Eifel offers especially exciting and partly creepy hot spots, which are called Lost Places and can be visited by hiking . As an event agency and specialist for outdoor experiences, today we will tell you three of the must (Lost) Places and hiking routes that we love in the Eifel. So the next company outing to the Eifel can come.

What is the Eifel?

As part of the Rhenish Slate Mountains, the Eifel offers a rich flora and fauna. Amidst the hills, ponds and growths lie some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the republic. The Eifel lies mainly in the west of Germany and stretches from southern NRW, south of Bonn to Rhineland-Palatinate. We are talking about the Northern Eifel and the Volcanic Eifel. Especially the history of the Eifel with volcanic eruptions, Roman occupation and the Nibelungen saga are well known to many and set the stage for an extraordinary company outing.

Hiking route 1: Laacher See

hiking around the laacher lake in the eifel with b-ceed
Unique natural spectacles on the hike around the 'Laacher See' volcanic crater

Hiking around the volcanic crater! The basin of the Laacher See forms a volcanic crater. The Laacher See has an area of over three square kilometres. The eight-kilometre-long hiking route takes you once around the lake and offers an excellent panorama already with the first view of the deep blue lake. During the hike you can also admire a unique natural spectacle. In many places of the lake bubbles, consisting of carbon dioxide, rise. These are formed in the volcanic rock at the bottom of the water and still demonstrate the lake's past.
The Maria Laach Monastery is located on the south-western shore. The monastery's impressive church is well worth a visit and offers an unforgettable view of the nature of the Eifel.

Hiking route 2: Devil's hole

a beautiful hiking route through altenahr up to the lost place teufelsloch
The view through the Devil's Hole (Source:

Hike between ruins, runes and symbols! Hike through the middle of the Ahr valley in the Eifel. According to legend, the devil himself resided here and, out of discontent, threw a young lady through part of the mountain into hell, creating the well-known devil's hole in the rock. Due to its altitude, the hiking trail offers a wonderful view of the Eifel. You can also marvel at the ruins of Are Castle from there, which fits picturesquely into the landscape .

Hiking route 3: The Wensburg

Forgotten place and medieval castle: discover Wensburg with b-ceed
The Lost Place Wensburg in the northern Eifel (Source:

The ultimate hike to the creepy festival of the Eifel with b-ceed. This hike takes you through the Hohes Venn nature park in the northern Eifel. You'll see idyllic river courses, dense forests and the strong overgrown meadows known for the region. We hike with you to the Wensburg. The former fortress is now only a ruin and therefore a must for Lost Places enthusiasts and fans of spooky stories. When the twilight falls on the crumbling castle gate and the residential tower, it creates a sight that you otherwise only know from horror stories.

Final dinner in a tranquil atmosphere

After the eventful hiking in the Eifel, grilling with gas or charcoal is the best way to feed your guests. So that every taste gets its money's worth, we serve you a sumptuous table of meat, vegetables and fresh ingredients. Of course, the food is best accompanied with cool beer or invigorating summer drinks. Enjoy a cheerful get-together after the adventures you have experienced and savour the fairytale setting of the Eifel to the full.

Get to the Lost Places with b-ceed

As a specialist for outdoor experiences and hikes in the Eifel, we at b-ceed offer a wide range of sometimes quite secret Lost Places that you can visit with us. This is always done on the basis of legality - no one breaks in anywhere or disturbs the peace and quiet of the places. We protect the places by accompanying our guests there with the necessary respect and trust.

Do you also want to plan a hike through the Eifel? Then send us a request for an Eifel event.

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