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The best team event ideas for the summer.

A strong community thanks to outdoor team events.

What summer temperatures! It's finally here, the most popular season of the year is just around the corner. Hardly any time of the year has such a motivating effect on employees as summer. Outdoor team events are the solution to get out of the annual staff outing a true summer highlight. Whether active and sporty or quiet and relaxing IdeasThere is a suitable event for every team. Achieve now with outdoor team events sustainably more motivation and inspire your team. It's time: Enjoy the summer with great ideas for your team event.Outdoor team events: Wet and happy rafting with a lot of fun | b-ceed

Humid team event with a lot of fun

Outdoor team events are fun! But it only gets really great once it goes into the water. Rafting on a river is one of the hottest events for summer 2019. Who doesn't love spending the day in the water with their employees in hot temperatures and pure sunshine? Instructed by real professionals, the day on the water also starts. Will you manage to fight against the current? Look forward to one of the most active outdoor team events ever. This event is pure motivation for your employees. As a crowning conclusion of the summery team day you can let the evening end with a common barbecue event.

On the trail of the city's history

For all those who like to approach outdoor team events in a calmer way, a relaxed city trip is just the right thing. Do your employees even know the city in which they work? Often this is not the case. Take the time and bring your employees a little closer to their desired destination with a relaxed walking tour. Your company is located in Bonn? What does Bonn actually have to offer? Who was Ludwig van Beethoven and what did he experience in Bonn in his younger years? The Bonn Beethoven Tour is the perfect walking tour for all those who want to get to know Bonn better. If the weather is sunny, you will pass all the hot spots on this tour with your co-workers.

Strong emotions during creative film shooting

You would like Ideas for creative Outdoor team events receive? The own company film shooting brings fun and creates great emotions. Whether it's the company history, the Bergfest or simply the team event, you decide what you want to film. Look back on a moving story and capture it in your own corporate film. Fact is: All participants must be present at this event get creative! You look for the Location off. Whether on SeeWhether in the forest or on your own company premises, the unique film shoot can take place almost anywhere. Look forward to perfect weather to a day that will not only be fun, but also full of emotions that will be felt in the company for a long time to come.The team event "Movie Maker" as an outdoor team event | b-ceed: Events

Find the best ideas for outdoor team events.

Finding ideas for outdoor team events is not that hard. Just think about what you would like to do. Do you want it to be an active day or do you want to enjoy the time with your employees in a relaxed way? You can find the right idea for every preference. With the right event agency at your side, your company outing will be perfectly planned in no time. Individuality, trust and personalization are the foundation of your outdoor team day!

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