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halloween party with b-ceed: events - event planning company

We wish you a strong Halloween party.halloween party with b-ceed: events - event planning company

Whether with company, friends or family: the Halloween party is every year the hit among the events. Do you already know our motto company events? There is also a real Halloween party for companies. This year again thousands of kids and adults dress up to start the famous "Trick or Treat" round. The kids go from house to house collecting candy and other things. If you're a homeowner and you fill the kids' pockets, you're better off. Because the pranks can get some hardened Halloween haters bitterly nasty - of course, all as a joke.

Halloween party for companies

But companies now also love the Halloween party very much. In Germany, the number of party-loving colleagues is becoming increasingly larger. Therefore, we as an event agency have come up with a very special Halloween party for companies. Everything should be in the sign of the pumpkin and the vampires or ghosts. Dressing up is obligatory and every kind of location turns into a huge spider's web or into a grotto of evil. But the whole thing is not quite so evil: the Halloween party with b-ceed primarily ensures a good mood among the guests and all sorts of slimy treats.

The creative Halloween motto party corporate event with b-ceed!Hero vs. Monsters Halloween Party

A very popular type of Halloween party is the "Heroes vs. Monsters" theme for all English lovers. The guests are dressed up as heroes or monsters. Some can also show up as dead heroes, who then look a bit "deranged" accordingly. The kicker here is not only the participants' disguises, but also the different food and drinks. As an event planning company, we plan and produce these ourselves for a Halloween party for companies. It should result in a scary and beautiful overall picture.

Off to the mask

At the right Halloween party for companies, the mask must not be missing. And so we make up on request your participants to real zombies, corpses, vampires or ghosts. There are hardly any limits to the imagination. Alternatively, we provide all make-up utensils so that all participants can make themselves up as their horror idol.

halloween event with horror factor for companies as a company outing soon with trailerHalloween and Horror: Lost Places

Incentive trip to Houska. Houska Castle in the Czech Republic has been the source of myths and legends for centuries. No less than the devil himself is said to dwell under the castle and the gate to hell is closed by the castle. An incentive trip to Houska is the icing on the cake for any Halloween party or trip. Get your employees ready and travel with them to Lost Places in Europe, which they would never visit.

halloween spooky event b-ceed: eventsCompany parties with motto

b-ceed provides extraordinary motto events for companies. Unusual motto ideas, locations and services are the first things on the agenda. Surprise your employees with an eerily beautiful concept. Or venture into the dark forest and solve the murders of two girls at Project Fear. You can catch the witch among the ghosts and demons in another event. In the end, there is always delicious food on the table and you can party until late at night. Company parties of b-ceed are always unusual and imaginative. Why not send us your individual request for this right away.


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