Improvisational theatre: What does it mean for everyday life?

Personality development for companies and teams 2.0.

Your company is the stage, everyday life is the script and you are the actors. Pure team building! That is unimaginable for you and far too personal? After all, you have to bring your own thoughts and feelings into play in order to do justice to your role. Each of you has your own interpretation of things and therefore also of what is being played. All the more difficult it is then to be able to play with your stage partners without being tied down. Improvisational theatre takes a lot of courage, but the moments you experience and what you learn are irreplaceable.

learning improvisation - teambuilding and personality development by b-ceed and b-pepBe prepared for everything

In improvisational theatre you are always confronted with new situations. Nothing can be rehearsed. The suggestions as to which topic should be dealt with come directly from your colleagues. The participants learn to deal with unknown and maybe even scary situations better. This is not only very useful on stage, but also in "real life". Often situations arise for which we are absolutely not prepared. To be able to react to them skilfully and to understand the people around you is a huge advantage. To get involved in the proposed topics also requires imagination. Flexibility and attentiveness are strengthened. Develop your personality.

Intensive personality development

The actions on stage are driven by the participants. That's why a good play only comes together when you get involved in the action. This means that inner reflection is important - and personality development already begins for all participants. You learn to use your strengths and weaknesses consciously and to overcome your own fear. You will develop self-confidence, demonstrate courage and strength. You will be able to react quickly to any situation. Through the exercises of improvisation theatre, criticism can be better processed. Making mistakes will be accepted and you will learn to work on your weaknesses with humour. Conflicts that you encounter in everyday life do not necessarily have to be avoided, rather you should talk about them.

improvisation theatre as a teambuilding event by b-ceedHis colleagues understand

Improvisational theatre opens new doors. New ways of interacting with other people are found. By confronting the unknown on stage, your patience is increased. Stage partners don't always understand what exactly you were trying to show with your pantomime, so understanding is encouraged along with patience. No one can look into the heads of other people and understand 100% what they might just mean. You learn to reflect human reactions, no matter who you are coming from. You put yourself in the other person's shoes, and of course your perception is trained.

improvisation theatre team event by b-ceed europe-wide for teams of 5 persons or moreImprovisation theatre as teambuilding

Facing unknown situations with courage, understanding your fellow human beings better and, above all, getting to know yourself properly are things that can be used not only on stage, but also in everyday life and especially at work. Being able to face business partners and customers with self-confidence has immense advantages.
Learn together with b-ceed to work out your strengths and weaknesses in the form of the new teambuilding event "Improvisation Theater". Grow closer together as a team and get involved with each other. Together your way leads to success.

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