Supporting programme for the conference

The perfect supporting programme for the conference.

Combine conference and team event.

Redesign the day with a supporting programme for the conference. Conferences and meetings take place in just about every company. They are important for internal communication, goal setting and successful collaboration. However, employees often find these important meetings very dry. Here it is worthwhile to put the developed values into practice with the help of a team event or to loosen up the meeting a bit. Find here some exciting social programs for your next meeting.

Internalize the theory with a framework program

The creative puzzle team building by b-ceedSet with the creative supporting programme "Klappe & Action directly implement the acquired values in a creative way. Shoot and edit your own company trailer with tablet PCs and numerous props. The respective topic can be individually adapted: to your company philosophy and the associated values. An equally creative way to implement the developed topics of the conference is offered by the supporting programme "Creative Team Puzzle“. Each individual receives a puzzle piece, which must be designed to the theme and the respective values. Afterwards, the individual puzzle pieces are put together. In this way, a unique work of art is created, which contains the developed goals and represents the teamwork. Creating something great together.

Promoting communication with the right supporting programme

In the mobile Escape Room "The Panic Room"The conference room where your meeting was just held turns into a place full of riddles and mysteries. Now you need teamwork and communication to solve the complex tasks and puzzles. Unravel the conspiracy together and solve all the puzzles. A supporting program to the conference, which besides communication also promotes the strategic thinking of all conference participants.

For those who prefer to be more active, there is the option of professional sports and nutrition coaching together with the team. Get the circulation going and promote concentration. With the "Green Team" you make yourself and your team fit and vital for the future. Simple recipes and tips from the trainer for everyday office life are of course included at the end.

Strategy and lateral thinking

You would like to offer your participants a social programme where strategy is in the foreground? Then think about how you can build a labyrinth within 3 hours. With combined forces, a lot of thought and a perfect strategy, you can do just that. It is very important that you coordinate your efforts and create a watertight plan. Only then can you build your labyrinth and find the way out together. Equally important with the "Team Labyrinth", think around the corner. Only lateral thinkers and strategists will get anywhere at this event. Try it.

Wide range of programs for the conference

So, as you read, there are more than enough supporting programmes for the conference, which take up exactly your topic. Whether you want to design this in a creative way, or rather give your participants a culinary incentive, is entirely up to you. We will be happy to advise you specifically and suggest the perfect event for your conference theme. You can also use such supporting programmes for the further training of your employees.


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