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Get to know Amsterdam in a whole new way on a company trip with b-ceed

"Dream of Amsterdam" - who doesn't know the title of the song that became a worldwide success. But why is Amsterdam a magnet for many visitors every year? Yes, why is Amsterdam almost a "must have" for company trips and company outings lasting several days?

It's probably because of the many faces Amsterdam has to offer. Besides museums, bridges, canals and countless houseboats, Amsterdam has much more to offer and that's exactly what you'll discover with us on a company outing to Amsterdam.

Whimsical exhibitions, a wax museum, a world-famous red-light district where visiting women are also tolerated, countless small shops with individual fashion and accessories, and entire streets of restaurants, bars and pubs offer days of fun for everyone.

And so that you don't have to conquer it all on foot, there are bikes for rent everywhere in Holland's most bike-friendly city. There are also plenty of parking spaces available: The parking garages for bicycles in Amsterdam are as big as a parking garage for cars here.

And last but not least, the well-known coffee shops. You only have to walk past them and the typical sweet smell of marijuana wafts towards you.

What makes a city trip to Amsterdam so appealing?

The city trip to Amsterdam has been a popular company trip to the Netherlands for several years now, along with the boat trip on the Ijsselmeer. We have come up with some exciting activities for you.

During the day, the programme includes a themed city tour with visits to several well-known and lesser-known sights. In the evening, the official part of the tour can be concluded with a cruise dinner with live cooking on an excursion boat through the canals of Amsterdam.

Excursions to the tulip fields, to a famous "cheese farm" or the creation of a Polaroid comic round off this wonderful incentive trip. Click here for the travel report to Amsterdam.

Alternative sights in Amsterdam

That's not enough for you and your colleagues? Then here are some additional tips on how to make the day and also the night adventurous, exciting and individual. Extend one night with the incentive travel provider and you're ready to go. He also takes care of the tickets and bookings, as he did for his corporate event with an overnight stay.

Incentive trip to Amsterdam with b-ceed

Start the day with breakfast

Probably the hippest café and restaurant is Mortimer Amsterdam. Right in the centre at Nieuwezijds 33, it offers a delicious breakfast for little money. Vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers are also catered for, so participants of a company event can start their day together. The prices are moderate and range from $5.00 to $12.00.

Light food with a full belly

To continue the day with a smile on your face and many famous personalities, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is on the agenda at Dam 20. Take Michael Jackson in your midst, dance with Beyonce, get spooked with the Hulk or discuss politics with Barak Obama. Prince Harry and Meghan will give you an insight into the world of the Royal Family of England and Margret Thatcher into the political life of Great Britain.

Enjoy your time with greats from politics, culture and society. Photographs are encouraged, so you'll have a lasting memory of your company outing.

Steeped in history - the Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is one of the Jewish personalities that every child knows. She was hidden from the Nazis for more than 2 years in Amsterdam in a back house, Westermark 20. There she wrote a diary that has since become world famous, translated into many languages.

This rear building has been very sensitively left to posterity, and anyone who walks through it gets goose bumps. History up close. And a reminder to all that something like the Third Reich with its brutal henchmen should never be allowed again.

Visit the old town of Amsterdam during your company trip
On a city break, the boathouses on the Amsterdam canals and the unique houses of the harbour city are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Can it also be spookier on a city trip to Amsterdam?

After breakfast and the Anne Frank House have been digested, you can venture to the next highlight - Body Worlds in Amsterdam. You'll find this extraordinary exhibition at Damrak 66. Originally intended as a travelling exhibition that would only be in Amsterdam for a short time, this educational display of the human body has become a permanent exhibition.

By skilfully using plastics and silicones instead of water and fat, the makers have succeeded in preserving and exhibiting the human body in all its facets.

It can give you the creeps when a healthy lung and a smoker's lung lie next to each other or when the development of the foetus from the first to the last month can be marvelled at in the womb.

There is great respect for the dead who made themselves available to this project during their lifetime.

Time for a break on your city break to Amsterdam

When a beer costs $15.00 in the city centre, the sip gets stuck in your throat. That's why your incentive travel company is taking you out of the city centre this time. Not far, and not tragic either, because your afternoon activity is waiting right in this area. In small side streets not far from the shopping streets, quaint pubs have found their home. Here, a beer costs $3.50, so there's still room in the budget for a second one.

The most important afternoon activity in Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam, you should definitely visit the many shopping streets. Countless small, individual shops invite you to stroll, look and buy. Here everyone finds their It - Peace, guaranteed unique and not off the peg. No one else wears such a piece and the joy of it lasts for a long time.

It feels like you walk 10 km through many small alleys and can't get out of your amazement. Once your feet are round and you can't walk another metre, it's easy to switch to one of the many "food alleys" in Amsterdam.

We will reserve a table for you in one of the many restaurants for everyone, we count more than 20 good restaurants and cafés among our location partners in Amsterdam. If he knows what his heart beats for, he's sure to find the right thing. Then the feasting can begin.

Full and satisfied? On to the next highlight.

Wicked and dissolute in Amsterdam

And another feast for the eyes in Amsterdam - the red light district. Here, in contrast to most neighbourhoods in other cities, women are not welcome, but they are tolerated.

Beauty is in the sight of the beholder, but there is something for everyone here. Fat, thin, busty, coloured, short and tall women, men and transvestites sit in shop windows and offer their services. The motto is not to stare, but to look. Especially for strolling women. Otherwise you might see a shaken fist, a stinky finger or more obscene gestures. Together with the colours from the shop windows, the diverse music from various bars and the omnipresent smell of marijuana, it is quite a tingling feeling to stroll through here. A sense of wickedness comes over you and the feeling of doing something forbidden is almost overpowering.

My feet will probably be useless for the next few days. That's why we have one or more final drinks in one of the small pubs before returning to the hotel, dead tired.

Fancy extending your city break in Amsterdam?

It is not uncommon for our clients to want to extend their Amsterdam city break by one, two or more days. We take care of additional excursions, seats in restaurants or entrance tickets with full service and constant travel support with our guides, as well as hotel stays for the extra nights if possible. We rent you bicycles if not all of the staff are so good on foot, or organise day tickets for public transport, which includes small boats. After all, the many canals have to be negotiated.

Just call us on +49 (0) 2251 929 3300 to get a quote. So the highlight of the year can begin for all employees.

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