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We support you holistically in terms of teambuilding in Bonn. You have your company in Bonn and the surrounding area and you are looking for a (new) partner for teambuilding in Bonn? Are you looking for coaching and group training for your team?

The company b-ceed has been supporting companies in Bonn for years with unusual combinations of teambuilding events and seminar experience. The results are holistic team experiences. Thus, what has been learned can be applied directly, the change can be felt immediately. In other words: goals are realized - and that already from one day booking duration. Would you like to get to know us? Let us arrange a non-binding consultation appointment. This is free of charge for you - it is only a stone's throw for us from Euskirchen to Bonn.

Here we present the best event modules for teambuilding in Bonn. We like to use these in combination with holistic coaching. They can also be booked as motivating team events in Bonn and the surrounding area. Questions? Give us a call.

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8 popular teambuilding events in Bonn

  1. Virtual team events
  2. Team day in the countryside
  3. Wild Rally Xtreme
  4. Soapbox Team Cup
  5. Scavenger hunt to bike
  6. Build sculptures
  7. Improvisational Theatre
  8. Graffiti Action Course

Plan teambuilding events in Bonn

Contribute to better communication in your team in Bonn through targeted teambuilding . You and your employees literally have the chance "on neutral ground" to discover each other in a completely new way, to have exciting conversations, to make interesting contacts - and maybe even to "track down" unexpected talents. Creative strategy games or scavenger hunt team event modules offer impressive opportunities to find out more about your employees.


Teambulding activities also give newly hired personnel the opportunity to prove themselves and strengthen their own position in the company.

How can you benefit from team building?

Everyone can benefit from teambuilding in Bonn. Whether it's a cosy get-together in a chic restaurant in the heart of Bonn, a whodunit dinner, golf in the dark or a sociableteam cooking course: get to know your colleagues and superiors from a completely new perspective. Because at the teambuilding event in Bonn there is always a great, pleasant atmosphere. Completely different than it is often the case in the professional everyday life. You approach each other differently and also discover a more relaxed and trusting level of communication. These and many other aspects have a lasting positive effect on the sense of community. Have you ever thought about combining teambuilding with the annual Christmas party in Bonn? b-ceed offers you numerous possibilities how to integrate the team event into the Christmas party.

Promote teamwork with teambuilding events in Bonn

Friendships can develop and there is a chance that possible "subliminal disagreements" or interpersonal deficits can be eliminated during the teambuilding in Bonn. Of course, the fun factor does not fall by the wayside in Bonn either. Quite the opposite: Once the ice is broken, you sit together relaxed and relaxed.

In joint competitions or strategy games, everyone has the opportunity to use any hidden talents and in this way decide the game for themselves. So there are many good reasons to organize teambuilding events in Bonn. Bring your teams together - and your company forward. When do you organize your teambuilding in Bonn? As event planning company Bonn we are always there for you and support you with all your plans.

Top FAQ about Teambuilding in Bonn

Yes! We offer special teambuilding events with distance and in compliance with all hygiene regulations. Alternatively, you can also choose non-contact team events, which are then conducted virtually.

In addition to the city area, we also include the surrounding regions and communities. Some teambuilding events take our customers on completely new paths. Just come along!

Most of our teambuilding events can be booked with a minimum of 5 participants. In individual cases we can also take smaller groups.

Yes, but we only include coaching sessions on request. We make sure that the proportion of coaching to the proportion of active team activities is a maximum of 50%. This is what distinguishes our teambuilding events.

Our virtual team events can be conducted in German, English and partly in French. For all onsite team events we are set up for English and German events.

Especially our outdoor team events, the improv theatre as well as all handicraft oriented teambuildings are very popular with authorities and in the public service.

All active team events that involve learning and improving communication are consistently suitable for young teams. These include bridge building, labyrinth and video shooting. Active scavenger hunt events on foot and on the bike are also very popular with young teams.

The total costs depend on the topic and whether a coaching module is included. Depending on the group, the price per guest is on average between 40-60 $ for a team event without coaching. Coaching modules are planned and calculated by hand and start at one day commitment of our coaches.


In the event of an official severe weather warning of level orange in the geographical area of the team event, we will offer you an alternative date - at no extra cost. We also offer you the possibility of a "bad weather alternative" event.

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Alternative team events with distance

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