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Tent rental in the Rhine-Main area.

When the event location becomes an event tent.

For many, this sentence may sound ironic, but in the event industry it has actually become commonplace. Some time ago, people only celebrated large village festivals in a tent, but today it is weddings and large corporate events. The marquee hire industry has evolved enormously. Event tents may seem simple at first glance, but by choosing the right design and the appropriate decoration, the tent becomes something special. See for yourself and plan your next event with a tent rental company.

Company event in the event tent with b.ceed: events

The tent rental phenomenon

Aren't we all constantly on the lookout for that special something? The rental of event tents is no longer an unknown service in the event industry and as an event planning company we often resort to it. When looking for the right venue, we often notice things that we would like to change but can't. Whether it is the wall painting, the furniture, the technical equipment or the location, in most cases some things do not meet our requirements. By renting an event tent you can plan your event in the future exactly according to your ideas and wishes.

Event planning for your event with b-ceed: events

Tent rental and event planning from one source

Every large-scale event and corporate event requires proper planning. The site inspection describes the detailed examination of an event location. Such a site inspection is also possible with a tent rental. Whether an exclusive party tent with dance floor or a VIP tent with catwalk, our partner offers you a wide range of event tents for the Rhine-Main area. But don't worry, not only Frankfurt, Wiesbaden or Mainz belong to the area, but the tent rental is possible all over Germany. As soon as you have found your suitable tent design, we will help you with the planning of the event. Benefit from our large partner network and a full-service event management.

The outdoor summer party with tent rental by b-ceed: events

Conclusion: Trend of tent rental - experience an unforgettable event?

Especially in summer, summer party events, some of which take place outdoors, are very popular. Usually you have more space available than in the winter months. Consequently, you also have a greater scope in the event selection. Celebrate an unforgettable event in the event tent that combines dance floor, bar, buffet lounge and play paradise for children. These are only some of the possible spaces that a tent rental service provider makes possible. The variety of such an outdoor event is gigantic. According to surveys, more than 50% of the German population already celebrated their event in a marquee. So the trend of the location selection goes in the direction of the tent rental, because not only the price-performance ratio is coherent at such a location, but also the diverse application possibilities are convincing.

And what about you? Fancy celebrating your 2019 corporate event in an exclusive event marquee? Feel free to contact us by phone at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0 or by email at Together we will plan an unforgettable event for you!

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