Corporate events: Why plan with an event planning company?

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Plan corporate events with an even company.

When company events of any kind are coming up, you quickly come to the big question: Do I plan everything myself or do I hire an event planning company? We help you with the planning. At first glance, both have their advantages and disadvantages. With one I don't have to deal with anything, with the other you get away cheaper. But is cheaper really better? And do you really want to "get away" with a nice corporate event? The event planning company b-ceed explains in this article why you should not do without full service management.

Company events with a motto = cost trap?

You know what you want as a motto for corporate events of the company, so you can do it yourself directly. If everything goes right, this option is certainly cheaper. But you should be aware of the dangers: as soon as you forget one point in the planning of the company events, it can already become more expensive. And you need time. A lot of time. And patience - more or less, depending on the size of the event. Not everyone has that left in addition to their job duties. And do you really want to be responsible for everything alone?

Corporate events - The creative Rien Ne Va Plus corporate event with b-ceed!Advantages of working with an event planning company

Professionals work here for great corporate events. People know each other. They have experience. Daily business, but not 08/15. When you hire a professional event planning company, you put the work in the hands of people who are trained in exactly this area and know what you have to do and how.

  1. They have a network of numerous partners who are experienced and with whom the cooperation has worked smoothly for years. Due to the close cooperation, the prices here are also often lower than when private individuals request service providers. The company's arrangements with these service providers are made quickly and correctly, whether in the planning phase or at the event itself.
  2. If something is wrong with the event itself, we can intervene directly. This means full-service event management. When an company works successfully, meaningful references confirm it.
  3. The customer receives a cost overview in advance and knows from the beginning what to expect.
  4. Even after the event, there is no need to contact several people, but arrangements are conveniently made through one contact person at the company.

Create experiences with live communication events from b-ceedConclusion - working with an event planning company pays off

Cheaper corporate event planning is always possible, whether it is also satisfactory or better in the result, remains to be seen.
However, one should not make the mistake and give an company an order and ready: Agreements are important! Only if the company knows what exactly the customer wants and how the event should look like in all its parts, it can implement the customer's wishes in the best possible way. Close cooperation in the run-up to the event is particularly important here. Then it becomes pleasant for the customer and the work of event planning can be taken off his shoulders.

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