Cambridge English: First Certificate

Cambridge English FCE Exam international event planning company b-ceed: events

International event planning company with Cambridge English "certification".

As an international event planning company set to expand abroad in 2019, b-ceed is determined and committed to providing top services in English-speaking markets. Part of this goal requires a detailed and internationally accredited Cambridge English certification. What does this entail? What are parts of this approximately 5-hour exam? Here are some of the highlights.

The First Certificate in English (FCE) proves that the language skills correspond to the level B2 By C1 correspond. This level shows that you can communicate effectively, express your opinion and argue. The writing of detailed texts is also relevant here. But what is the certificate actually for? There are various opportunities open to you through the FCE, such as access to various degree courses and semesters abroad, as well as the opportunity to live and work in an English-speaking country. The latter is particularly important for us due to the upcoming expansion with a new location in New Zealand.Cambridge English FCE Exam international event planning company b-ceed: events

Preparation and team building at the same time

How do you prepare properly? There is probably no ideal answer to this question, as everyone is an individual learner. We also prepared in different ways. Some prepared with mock exams & various tasks, some simulated exam interviews and some even had professional English lessons. But there were always joint meetings where we went through the upcoming exam, spoke English with each other and solved some tasks together. Even though our learning approach is as diverse as our team, ultimately our goal was the same. As a company with experience in team building events, we were prepared to accommodate different styles.

Cambridge English FCE Exam international event planning company b-ceed: events

A company outing with a comprehensive English test

After numerous exercises, meetings and smoking heads, it was time for the exam day. After more than an hour's drive we arrived in Dortmund. Shortly after that we could start with the exam. The first part was 'Reading and Use of English'. Here the reading comprehension and the general handling of the English language were asked. In this part there were 7 different tasks which had to be done in 1h15. After a short break we went on to part 2, the 'Writing'. Here 2 free texts had to be written. For the second text there were different text formats to choose from, such as an e-mail or an article. This was also followed by a short break before the students had to sharpen their ears for the 'Listening' part, in which listening comprehension was tested with audio excerpts. Last but not least there was a small 'Speaking' part, in which the general speaking skills were tested. Communication was in the foreground. The excursion was completed and now we just have to wait for the results.

If you have any further questions about the exam and our experience with it, please call us at +49 (0) 2251 929 330-0. We are also available by e-mail:

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