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Fancy games for Christmas party 2020.

Aren't we all looking for fancy Christmas Party Games? So that your team does not meet like every year at the contemplative Christmas dinner, there is a need for extraordinary alternatives for the Christmas party. For example, are your employees looking forward to dazzling Christmas motto events or the thrill and excitement of a trendy team event? Surprise your employees with special Christmas party ideas that outshine everything that has gone before. From a large selection, we have chosen the best for you here. Christmas Party Games 2020 for you and your company.Christmas party games for the company with b-ceed events

Christmas party games with teambuilding character

Action. Suspense. Thrill. Not only during the year is the Escape Game an absolute trend event, it is also perfect as a game for the Christmas party. Escape for Christmas is a Christmas party idea with addiction factor. The Christmas party is feasible everywhere. Escape game the perfect idea for small to medium-sized companies. Whether in your own company premises or on a Ship, we bring the mobile Christmas game to you. Escape from the daily work routine and solve complex tasks and unravel a conspiracy. But beware: for this kind of Christmas party games you have only 60 minutes. Rely on the other participants and solve the mystery of Christmas. The mobile Escape for Christmas is one of the hottest Christmas party ideas 2020.Solve riddles and open locks at the christmassy team event Escape for Christmas | b-ceed: events

The crime thriller highlight on Christmas Eve

For those who would love to be part of a murder mystery, here comes the ultimate idea for Christmas party games. Christmas Eve murder is the Christmas Thriller at all. We are in the 19th century and the noble Lord Rutherford and his lady invite to the annual dinner party a. Some of the guests behave extremely mysteriously and the maid is certainly not as innocent as she pretends. And suddenly, the lady is dead. Murdered! But the unbelievable is yet to come. The murderer of the lady is among the guests. Will you be able to unmask the culprit? Murder on Christmas Eve is one of the Christmas party games that also make a last minute idea from the Christmas party a unique experience.The Christmas thriller "Murder on Christmas Eve" is the perfect supporting programme for the dinner of your Christmas party | b-ceed: events

Culinary Christmas Party Games - Top or Flop?

"In der Weihnachtsbäckerei, gibt es manche Leckerei..." which was part of the obligatory repertoire of the best Christmas songs in childhood days, should continue in adulthood, right? Christmas baking may not directly count Christmas party games, but baking can also take on playful team motivation . Let your dexterity run free in your Christmas bakery: high-quality gingerbread plates or fresh dough are delivered with all the necessary utensils and our Christmas angels. Who builds the most beautiful gingerbread house or creates the most beautiful cookies? This extraordinary way of celebrating Christmas is culinary, special and a highlight for 2019.

Christmas party games provide an unforgettable celebration

These were just the first impressions of the fancy Christmas party games of 2019. With these ideas, your Christmas corporate party is guaranteed to be an experience. Your employees will not forget this celebration so quickly. As an experienced event agency for Christmas parties, we are happy to advise you. We would be happy to discuss your wishes and ideas in a personal meeting.

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