Three popular destinations for corporate travel and company outings in 2022

Three popular corporate trips in 2022 - the best tips from b-ceed travel agency

Today we would like to introduce you to three popular destinations for corporate travel 2022 for teams. All three destinations are in Europe and can easily be reached by plane and even bus. Company outings, team events and thus also company trips strengthen the sense of togetherness, employee motivation and also identification with the company.

Fortunately, these advantages are now also being seen more and more in Germany - especially medium-sized companies now count on positive vibes in their everyday business. Discover now with us three of our most popular destinations 2022 for corporate travel and incentives:

1. experience Copenhagen

Copenhagen Company Trip - Discover Denmark as a Company Outing

The capital of Denmark can be reached from Germany by train, plane, car and bus. From North Rhine-Westphalia you can reach Copenhagen by bus in about 7 hours and by plane in just over an hour. We plan your company trip to Copenhagen in Denmark with you, including transfer, hotel and social programme. In Denmark itself you have a lot of freedom and we assume that 2022 can be planned quite freely at least from spring to autumn despite the still ongoing Corona pandemic.

Denmark and especially Copenhagen have a lot to offer. Both cultural hot spots and culinary we plan the trip with you from 5 persons. For example, experience a different side of Denmark's capital city on a digital scavenger hunt through Copenhagen. We start in the harbour district and drive towards the Royal Gardens and Rosenberg Castle. There are tasks for you to solve at various stations. Physically and via app you get challenges that match Copenhagen.

A popular destination on the following day is Roskile, the Viking capital. Once there, we learn about the life of the Vikings and even ride across the water in Viking boats. Food and drinks are always provided and we are by your side from start to finish. A company trip to Denmark and Copenhagen is worthwhile if you stay 2-3 nights or more. We will keep you up to date on the development of the Corona Pandemic and the regulations.

2. bicycle works outing to Lake Constance

Company outing Lake Constance bike tour and overnight stay - bceed Reisen und Events

Many of you have probably already been to Lake Constance or cycled past it on the way to the Alps. Our company excursion to Lake Constance is active and sporty - we go on a bike and, depending on the booking, you have two or more exciting days ahead of you. Our Lake Constance trip starts in Constance and will also end there later. We welcome you in Constance with a snack rucksack, modern trekking bikes and lots of good humour. On request, e-bikes are also available for individual guests. And of course you can also bring your own bikes. Lake Constance can be circumnavigated within a day - depending on your physical condition. But we want to bring you closer to the countries and people.

Our journey takes us via Meersburg to Bregenz and back to Constance. We plan the overnight stays for you in local hotels and guesthouses, barbecue with you outdoors and bring your luggage to the next destination on each stage. Depending on the season, we will also visit beach clubs and the famous pile dwellings of Unteruhldingen. A bicycle scavenger hunt as an intermediate stage is also conceivable.

Look forward to an exciting cycling trip to Lake Constance with the team. As a full-service travel agency, we ensure the smooth running of the Lake Constance trip and customise the itineraries and destinations according to the wishes and physical condition of your team members.

3. Mallorca and the Balearic Islands Trip

Book a company trip to Mallorca with b-ceed events und Reisen - 2022

The Mallorca company trip has been firmly anchored in our portfolio for a long time and is very popular. The Corona pandemic meant that in 2020 we were virtually unable to plan and carry out any more company trips to Spain and therefore also to Mallorca . Since last year, the trip has become popular again and in 2022, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands will once again be among the most popular destinations for our incentive trips.

In Mallorca, the possibilities are at our feet. Rediscover Mallorca's capital on an exciting rally through Palma , while enjoying the best tapas for lunch with us in the city's 'insider tips'. On a tour of Mallorca's best wineries, the focus is on enjoyment and culture. This excursion is perfect for larger groups. In the evening, we invite you to a barbecue at the winery and celebrate until late into the night.

Fancy a catamaran tour off Mallorca? Then come with us on board the catamaran from Palma or Alcùdia. With a gentle breeze and lots of sun, we'll enjoy the trip through the Mediterranean together and serve you cold drinks and delicious snacks. How about a beach barbecue in the afternoon or a beach party in the evening? With live music and freshly prepared Mediterranean food, we'll party into the night.

Corporate travel with b-ceed: travel

Corporate travel with b-ceed worldwide plan 2022 - Travel and Corona

We are a full service event and travel agency for companies all over the world. We plan, organise and carry out exciting company trips around the globe. We are not an agency: many services are provided directly by us or by our local partners. We are always on the spot for you. In the case of air and coach travel, we are there for you right from the place of departure. Hotels, transfers, social programmes and team events are our speciality when it comes to staff motivation.

Why company trips are the better company outings

With a company trip you show your team maximum appreciation. A company outing is of course also interesting if it is not possible to stay away from the office for more than one day for organisational reasons, for example. Nevertheless, a company trip is the perfect opportunity for your company to get to know your employees better for two or more days away from the office. Your bosses are closer to the team and the team itself usually develops a better connection in terms of communication and understanding.

Sporting team events such as climbing tours or sailing trips are very effective. Such activities are only feasible in a team. Interaction, communication and cooperation are strengthened, so that the corporate philosophy is also developed indirectly. In the end, besides a lot of fun and shared moments, one thing remains to be said: company trips and incentives strengthen the identification with the company on the part of your employees immensely.

Would you like advice? Call us and we will make you an individual offer for a company trip of your choice. We offer more than 30 different destinations far away from mainstream tourism on our website.

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