Cheap summer party ideas for companies

Even with a small budget you can do something good for your employees and customers

The company party, especially the summer party, is one of the company highlights of the year. It is an ideal occasion to give something back to employees and customers and to get to know them better. However, a summer party for company owners is not always within the available budget framework, as such an event is often costly. Depending on the number of guests, company owners then have to dig deep into their pockets. Fortunately, there are special summer party ideas that are exciting and cost-effective at the same time.

What advantages a summer party offers

Everyday work can often be a little monotonous for employees, as there is rarely any variety here. To bring a breath of fresh air into the company, a company event is the ideal opportunity. In general, however, a company event offers many other advantages:

* Appreciation and respect for the achievements of employees and customers
* Reinforcement of team spirit
* Improved communication between employees
* More motivation among employees
* Increase of the feel-good atmosphere

These aspects show that a company event is also worthwhile for owners and that not only employees benefit from it.

A summer party in particular offers ideal conditions for a company event. For example, it can serve as an opportunity to toast each other, since the first half of the year has already ended at summer time. As this usually takes place outdoors and is associated with activities, guests come into contact better and conversation is much more possible than, for example, at a Christmas party in a closed room.

Which low-cost ideas for a summer party come into question

A summer party doesn't have to be expensive either, because after all there is a wide range of inexpensive ideas.

For example, a bicycle scavenger hunt. Here, guests on city bikes or e-bikes spend time together in nature and solve exciting tasks to find a hidden treasure. The participants are equipped with a treasure map and modern tablet PCs. Teamwork is the focus here and strengthens motivation.

But a Nibelungen handcart tour can also be a great summer party idea and provide lots of fun for the team. Here, guests set off on a challenging and exciting search for the treasure of the Nibelungs with a handcart packed with snacks and drinks.

Or how about a company outing to the countryside? This can also become an adventurous summer party. Participants can expect activities such as milking competitions and a farmer's olympiad. Afterwards, everyone can eat their fill at a large barbecue buffet.

The mobile quiz show demands a lot of brain power. Here, the office or the company garden is transformed into a quiz studio. On this day, everything revolves around solving exciting questions on topics such as cars, sports, science or culture. But there will also be little joke questions.

The XXL table football tournament and goal wall shooting will be sporty, when team spirit is required and as many balls as possible have to be sunk. With the right DJ and lighting, the tournament becomes a football party.


The above examples show that a company party does not necessarily have to be expensive and that there are many different exciting possibilities for an inexpensive summer party. Simple events that challenge employees to be active strengthen motivation and team cohesion. Book a cheap summer party for your company with B-Ceed now.

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