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The latest trends for sporty team events.

Sport at the company outing, a good idea?

The boss has the Company outing 2020 planned and it's called: sports and action? Don't worry, sporty team events promise a lot of fun and adrenaline. What sounds like physical exertion at first glance has actually become a real trend in the event industry. After all, sporting team events not only motivate your employees to exercise, but also strengthen the sense of community among each other.Sporty team events with b-ceed: events

What are sporting team events?

As the name suggests, sporting team events combine physical exercise with team spirit. Sometimes the sports idea can be in the foreground of an active team event, but sometimes it can only have an accompanying function. Whether a bicycle tour with the team, paddling on the Rhine or a drumming workshop, movement connects. At sporting team events you get to know colleagues and employees on a new level. You meet each other in action and together you want to do your best to reach the goal. For this reason, active company outings are becoming increasingly popular. They offer the perfect balance to the daily work routine.

Advantages of active and sportive team events:

  • Unconsciously create the incentive to move
  • Balance to the daily work routine
  • Positive influence on the work-life balance
  • Employees and colleagues get to know each other on a new level of communication
  • Combine exercise with fun
  • Strengthen the team spirit and employee loyalty

Extraordinary team day on the farm

Our first insider tip among the sporting events is the team day on the farm. This sporty team event promises adventure, love of the countryside and pure motivation. You travel with your team to an exclusive farm near you and experience action-packed game stations where skill and lateral thinking are in demand. But this creative teambuilding event is also a lot of fun. In the scarecrow contest, your employees can really put their skills to the test. Who will build the most beautiful scarecrow on this day? With all the versatile and unusual stations of the Farmyard Olympics, you will immediately forget that it is a sporting team event. And that is what makes it so special. During the Farmyard Olympics, the colleagues meet each other through movements and are animated in a playful way. So let's go to the next farm near you!

EM 2020 - The football goal madness for the company

Well, if that's not a perfect occasion for the sporty team event. The European Football Championship 2020 is just around the corner and we simply make it the perfect company outing. Hardly any event is as popular and connected as the soccer championships. The soccer goal madness skillfully combines sporty-fun highlights with culinary delights. During this special team outing , emotions run high and your colleagues really fever with you. Whether at the human kicker or the goal wall shooting, the goal is clear: to win! This event will definitely be remembered.

Where can I find more ideas for sporting team events?

That's not so difficult after all. There are numerous providers on the web who specialize in sporty team events. You just have to make sure that the event offers a combination of sports and fun. With a event planning companyb-ceed, you can express your ideas and wishes and we will provide you with a tailor-made concept. Should the team event be a combination of activity and culinary, or perhaps even have creative features? No problem at all, because we plan and organize your event as you imagine it.Digital bicycle scavenger hunt at b-ceed

Get off to a motivated start with sporting team events

The beginning of the year will soon be over and it's time to take off with your team. So plan the sporty team event now and motivate your employees to peak performance. Call us anytime on 0800 20 66 900 or send us an email to Together we will find your perfect combination of sport, activity and fun.

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