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Learning Employee Retention.

Promote identification with the company.

While it was common a few years ago for employees to spend their entire working life with one company, this has become a rarity nowadays. In order to develop further, employees are increasingly looking for new challenges after a few years with the company. This can have advantages and disadvantages for both parties. New employees bring new perspectives to the company. However, high fluctuation also means that a lot of time has to be invested in training and someone has to be able to take care of this, the effort increases.

So how do you quickly achieve the desired employee retention? One knows the strengths and weaknesses and often it is more profitable for companies to promote and retain employees who already belong to the company. There are numerous possibilities for this on the part of employers.

Planning communication measures correctly.

Internal effects of corporate activities.

Many activities of companies also have an internal impact, even if they are primarily focused on external target groups, such as customers. Communication measures and the general presentation of the company also influence the internal target groups, i.e. the company's own employees. Whether consciously or unconsciously, so many factors influence employees' attitudes towards the company, positively or negatively. This can be actively influenced by the company and employee loyalty is crucial.

The decisive factor here is often the size of the company. Short communication channels in small or medium-sized companies convey values and reasons for presentation differently than is the case in large corporations. Studies have shown that knowledge and awareness of the company's communication measures are much higher in small companies than in large corporations. However, in these, the decision to do so rests with several stakeholders, whereas in small companies it is usually the decision of one individual.

Promote motivation throughout the team.

All departments of a company need to communicate.

It is important that the reasons and purpose of sponsorships and other communication measures are understood by all employees, accounting and logistics departments are unfortunately often forgotten here - here the community must be promoted and not individual areas! The attitude of employees towards the company's communication measures has also been proven to have a positive influence, both on their attitude towards the company and on their job satisfaction and their willingness to perform and loyalty.

In this way, you can use well-planned measures to increase trust, motivation and loyalty on the part of your employees in the long term. In summary, externally oriented measures have been proven to influence your employees in terms of attitude towards the employer and job satisfaction. Relevant for this is the attitude towards the measures, which in turn depends on the knowledge about them.

Promote employee loyalty. Increase motivation.

The purpose of incentive travel and events.

You know the advertising clip of Deutsche Vermögensberatung with Jürgen Klopp: "Identification as the secret to success" promises his slogan. So the importance of your employees identifying with their company has already been recognized. In concrete terms, this means that it makes an enormous amount of sense to promote your own employees. Which measures you can take for this, you decide individually according to your concern. As a coaching company, we can help you with this.

Company trips, for example, have proven to increase motivation, whether on special occasions such as company anniversaries or at fixed intervals. But even smaller measures, such as enabling employees to take part in events together or organising their own company events, can help to strengthen team cohesion - "so Paula from the graphics department can get to know Horst from the warehouse for the first time! A coach who professionally plans, organizes and implements these events for the company can help.

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