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The Christmas party is a phenomenon. Every year, companies plan the number one corporate event anew: the company Christmas party. But in the process, many miss out on new ideas. Believe it or not, planning the Christmas party also gets lost in the daily grind in many companies. The result is either "the same" from last year or "we're just going out to eat". As a leading event planning company for Christmas parties, we are also familiar with this phenomenon. So that the next Christmas party finally becomes a hit, the preparations begin already now. But the search for a suitable Christmas party drives many companies virtually mad: too big the market, too small the budget, too far away or whatever. This has now come to an end, because b-ceed now operates as an event planning company in several countries.

In this post, we present our nine best corporate Christmas party events for 2018. Look forward to exciting and creative Christmas parties.

The motto Christmas party - guaranteed success with repetition

Let the 90's Play - It's Showtime! (on 07.12.2018 in Mülheim a.d.R.)

Granted, this 2018 Christmas party is really still location-based, but it's an insane trip down the last three decades of music and entertainment.

What do you associate with the 90s and the 2000s? Is it the groovy hits or the dancefloor feeling? Maybe it's the carefree feeling of freedom. The attraction stems from the nostalgia and the joy of the past, which makes our mega 90s and 2000s theme party with Christmas celebration so unique. On this evening you will enjoy the ultimate symbiosis between three decades of music history and celebrate the groove and sounds from 1990 to today with the famous band Q5 New Style from the Netherlands to this event banger. The combination of full service event management with gala buffet, Christmas atmosphere and reliving past music history make this 90s theme party a must have. Save the date: only on 07.12.18 in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

The golden 20s - glitz and glamour par excellence

The advantage of theme parties is the sheer variety of ideas. A highlight of this is our mega theme party as a Christmas party of the 20s. Pearls are created from an unforgettable ambience and a perfectly staged backdrop. The Gatsby Party of the 20s for companies is causing quite a stir right now. The authentic corporate Gatsby party combines grandeur and magnificence for a moment of pure glamour. A gala buffet of gorgeous food and a luxurious martini reception create a glorious atmosphere. Especially with a theme party, the details are very important. To make sure you truly feel the Swing and Charleston, get special accessories and a dreamy atmosphere with Electro Swing DJ and more conjured up for your staff. The Gatsby Party of the 20s manages the difficult balancing act between authenticity and entertainment and reaches all generations in your company.

Rocktastic Christmas

The company christmas party with rock'n'roll motto at b-ceed: eventsRock 'n' roll parties are all the rage. Loud guitar riffs and fat sounds awaken your inner Elvis. The 50s were earth-shattering, the 60s developed into a rockabilly miracle. Even in Germany people talked about the economic miracle. In reference to these two mega decades, you can experience the authentic Christmas party of the 50s and 60s swing the dance leg. You can look forward to supporting programmes such as Elvis doubles, belly-loading girls and a photo booth. In addition, inflated air guitars and a DJ provide the rocking ambience. Especially big companies can bring together departments and whole areas by the Rock 'n' Roll Party. For larger groups, our rockabilly band is also suitable for getting your employees fired up. This Christmas party definitely has repeat potential with many clients in 2018. Best of all, we can serve up the Rockabilly Christmas Party in almost any location - we just wish for a bit of authenticity and alternatively we can offer you our partner locations straight away.

Extraordinary Christmas party 2018 for the big company

Christmas Cruise with Escape Fun in Düsseldorf on 13.12.2018

christmas party in düsseldorf with team event: escape for christmas specialThe company Christmas party "Escape for Christmas Düsseldorf Ship Special" is as great as the name itself. The untypical combination of Escape Game, party and a Christmas party cruise on the Rhine creates an extraordinary atmosphere. On December 13, 2018, the proven team event "Escape for Christmas" will be moved to the MS Godesia and thus to the Rhine. The ship departs from the Rhein-Terrassen in Düsseldorf and returns to the starting point at the end of the event. During the trip an adventure of the extra class expects you. As a passenger, you team up with other passengers to uncover a conspiracy that has only one goal: Your demise. You'll solve tricky puzzles, follow hidden clues, and crack locked crates to end up defusing a ticking bomb that's supposedly on board. It should be noted that the ship has already sailed on December 13 from Düsseldorf filed. Early bookers have a clear advantage here.

Casino Royale and a touch of Bond

Numerous large companies deprive themselves of the opportunity to do something spectacular to the Christmas party 2018 to plan. Have you ever celebrated a Christmas party "gambling" style? Casino Royale is all about the motto: All or nothing. Business enterprises are under daily pressure to be one step ahead of their competitors. It is therefore important to act as a team and to harmonize with each other. Attention: Here you turn the tables so that everyone can be the Bond. From now on your employees are competitors. They deliver exciting poker duels while the true Las Vegas and Atlantic City flair blows through the entire room. From the grandiose staged reception to the Christmas gala buffet your mobile Casino Christmas Party 2018 a great corporate event.

Mobile Christmas market on your company premises

There is something very special about Christmas markets. No place combines charity and magic so perfectly. You are probably one of those who visit your favourite Christmas market every year. Besides the fun factor, the Christmas party should also be used to improve internal communication in the company.

Christmas market lovers can look forward to a true corporate event highlight. Have you ever heard of b-ceed's almost legendary mobile Christmas market? A special wish will come true on your company premises. Many different stalls with delicious food will be set up on your company premises. Real litter stalls, typical mulled wine and punch, paired with crêpes and waffles create the Christmas atmosphere. As an event highlight, you can "cut" high-quality Nordmann firs yourself: b-ceed's mobile Nordmann shelter makes it possible. Attention: the dates in 2018 for the mobile Christmas market are limited. So it pays to be quick.

Team events and company outings as Christmas party 2018

Mobile Escape Room

Christmas parties are often planned with a focus on food and drink - rightly so but you can get ahead of that a little. This Christmas party is the complete contrast and provides Christmas action before the meal. Escape for Christmas is an absolute company event highlight and very popular as a team event before a Christmas party 2018. You slip into the role of profilers who can't get out of the room without the right code and master tricky calculations and seemingly invisible tasks. If you want to escape the Christmas madness for a moment, this team event is perfect for that. Your big advantage is the mobility and the flexibility of b-ceed: The mobile Room Escape Game can take place in the hotel, in the company or in another event location. The mobile Escape in Winter has been captivating and inspiring our customers since last year and is constantly being expanded and changed with new puzzles, tasks and storylines. According to the motto: no case is like the other..,

Christmas Eve murder

Fans of interactive role-playing games can look forward to something very special. At the team event with dinner 'Christmas Eve murder' solve a thrilling murder mystery yourself, as it's an interactive role-playing game paired with a great dinner. After the mysterious death of Lady Rutherford, your ingenuity is called for. Each participant is assigned a role and given information for the person he or she represents. Accompanied by a charming game master, you will be guided through the right places and events. Vigilance is required, because the murderer or even the murderers are among your guests. In the end, you will hopefully unmask the murderer. The great advantage of this event is the insane interactivity. The event is perfect for a pre-Christmas Christmas party 2018 with dinner and suspense and is optimal for getting to know other sides of your employees.

 Christmas Video Shoot

Shut up and action! The motto symbolically reflects the character of this team event. The Christmas Movie Maker is a treat among Christmas parties and interactive video shooting to boot. Your employees have to live the philosophy of the company with heart and soul during this teambuilding event and bring it into the film. Or alternatively, they can make their very own film with their own theme and storyline. The contrast to a typical Christmas dinner makes this Christmas party 2018 especially attractive. What distinguishes this event from other Christmas parties?

It's the emotion and attachment towards the history of your own company. You project your diligence and commitment onto the video shoot. The result is a moving work of art that intensifies the employees' identification with the company. The day is rounded off with an optional dinner and the premiere screening of your work. Look forward to a Christmas video shoot at your Christmas party 2018.

Find more Christmas party ideas nationwide.

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