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It's time again for a company outing in Düsseldorf. But what do you want to do? You have taken the first step and landed on our website. The event planning company b-ceed has been planning extraordinary company outings in Düsseldorf for years and pays attention to holistic event experiences. What does that mean? Well, you certainly don't want to have just one highlight on such a day. So we thought about how you can combine a company outing with different experiences. Here you will find the first 30 best ideas for a company outing in Düsseldorf. These can be booked right away in a package at a fixed price. In combination you can book two or three events at once and save money. Take the opportunity and send us your individual request for a company outing in Düsseldorf. We put together exciting events for you - including final dinner, transfer and entertainment.
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Superlative interactive role play.
Optional with dinner & drinks.
Fun-Food Coaching.
Healthy food in the office.
Farmers' Olympics & award ceremony.
Optional BBQ & farm festival.
Summer festival on the (city) beach.
With Beach Olympics & Sea.
Win against the unknown.
Fight with each other under time pressure.
Digital scavenger hunt with team battle.
With our own app.
Exciting team event in the forest.
Optionally extendable with BBQ.
Discover your own company beat.
Incl. drummer & cajons.
Mobile Escapegame. Pure suspense.
Play different episodes.
Outdoor Team Event with Polaroid.
Incl. photo album & accessories.
Summer party and football world cup pure
Shoot your corporate (horror) trailer.
With accessories, tablets & guides.
The film shoot for more motivation.
Team event with role distribution.
The team classic redefined.
In our cooking school.
The mobile baking course with your team.
Incl. baking fairy and equipment.
Top or bottom for your team!
The quiz show at full throttle.
Build, race, win.
Everywhere incl. guides & jury.
Huge puzzles made of wood.
Motivate with brush and paint.
Wine, hiking, challenges.
Optionally with dinner at the estate.
Sporty team event in a class of its own.
Incl. guide & award ceremony.

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Company outing Düsseldorf: digital city rallye with b-ceed

8 popular company outings in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area

  1. Scavenger Hunt Globe Chaser
  2. Farm team event
  3. Sport event in the park
  4. Beach Party Deluxe
  5. Graffiti Workshop
  6. Beach Party on the Rhine
  7. Bicycle scavenger hunt
  8. Mobile Quiz Show

Plan a company outing in Düsseldorf

Team cooking events are literally "on everyone's lips" now. Working together in a top-equipped professional kitchen with the boss, administrative and production staff as well as trainees and interns to conjure up a delicious menu simply feels good. Everyone takes on a specific task, and everyone is equally committed. The finished three-course meal, prepared under the guidance of a professional chef, can be eaten "as a crowning finale" in a stylish ambience in an illustrious gathering. Of course, wine, beer and other tasty beverages also flow "in streams". According to the motto: "Communication is everything", a delicious meal is often the ideal basis for a great working atmosphere in your company. When are you going on your company outing in Düsseldorf? By the way: book an interactive wine tasting right away.

What can you do on a company outing in Düsseldorf?

During a company outing in Düsseldorf, you should not miss the annual events. Among other things, the Düsseldorf Marathon, the Düsseldorf funfair and a huge fireworks display are held here. During your company outing in the heart of Düsseldorf, it's a good idea to simply drop by and join the hustle and bustle. By the way, from there you and your colleagues don't have far to go to the old town. Here you will find the proverbial "longest bar in the world", which has always been a popular crowd puller for Düsseldorfers and tourists alike. Far away from the gastronomic hustle and bustle, there are numerous green oases in Düsseldorf where you can celebrate your company outing in a special way, for example with an archery event.

Top FAQ about company outing Düsseldorf

Yes! We offer special company outings with distance and in compliance with all hygiene regulations.

We are there for you throughout Europe with our company outing ideas. Simply use our filter function and search for your desired excursion.

You can book most of our company excursions, starting from 5 participants. In individual cases we can also take smaller groups.

Yes! Our barrier-free company outings include, for example, our b-fresh Food Workshop, the Crime Dinner, our mobile Escape Rooms and the Photo Comic Tour.

For older people and groups we offer fabulous wine walks, barbecue courses and quieter outdoor events. Also a proven tool is our Green Team, the sporty outdoor workshop for teams.

Especially our city rallies, adventure hikes and our filming team events are perfect outings for teams from the public service and government.

The Horror Comedy Hike, our Bicycle Scavenger Hunt and especially our Film Shoot events are popular especially for young teams and staff.

The total cost depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the cheaper the price per guest. On average, our customers pay around $30-50 per guest for a company outing.


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