The small but nice checklist for events!

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Here come the ultimate tips for event planning.

Plan successfully with the checklist for events.

Events need good planning. Would you like to plan the next event for your company independently or hire an event planning company? So that nothing stands in the way of the company event, you need to pay attention to the right things. In the following we have compiled a Checklist for events with the most important key facts. Starting with the preparation for the Event planningYou have to think about the planning and implementation and finally also keep the follow-up of the event in mind.Company event in the event tent with b-ceed: events

The preparation for event planning

When the company event is coming up, the question quickly arises: Do I plan the event myself or do I hire an agency? Detached from our recommendation to hire an event agency, you should consider the following points of the checklist for events:

  1. The event planning and organization is of course always associated with costs. So before you go into the details of planning, you should set yourself a maximum budget limit. This will also make it easier for an event planning company to advise you and prepare individual offers.
  2. To ensure that the planning can proceed quickly, you should decide on a preferred date in advance. In the team, agree on the possible dates and decide on a favourite and an alternative date.
  3. Where can you find ideas for team events? Finding the right ideas for a company event that will appeal to every employee doesn't seem so easy. Ask the participants in advance for wishes or suggestions for an event. Fortunately, there are good providers on the web who have the necessary experience and unique ideas.
  4. Depending on the event idea, you may also need a suitable location. What you should consider during a site inspection we have published in a separate article. As a small tip: You should take a maximum of 3-5 locations in the shortlist.
  5. If you are interested in outdoor event ideas, you should always have a fallback option in mind in case of bad weather.
  6. Of course, there are also exciting and varied indoor event ideas for the company. If you like to plan regardless of the weather, you should choose these event ideas.

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The smooth execution of the event

If you have laid the foundations for event planning and have followed the first points of the checklist for events, there is nothing standing in the way of implementation. If you haven't hired an event service provider by this point, you will still need helping hands to support you with organization and coordination. An event planning company like b-ceed is of course at your disposal with a large partner network and provides full service management. Whether it is the contact to catering companies, hotels, locations, bands or transfer companies, an event service provider is your intermediary and relieves you of the burden of planning and implementing the company event. So trust the help of an company like b-ceed and look forward to excellent results.

With the checklist for events and b-ceed to an unforgettable experience!

As you can see, the preparation for an event is connected with various points that you should consider in any case. As an event planning company, we support you from start to finish in every respect. Whether it is the search for the perfect idea for your company celebration, the selection of a suitable location or the choice of catering, we are at your side with many years of experience and take into account your wishes and ideas during the implementation.

Trust and experience play a major role in a successful cooperation. With the checklist for events, we give you an initial overview of the most important facts that you should consider. To avoid obstacles or stumbling blocks, you can rely on the commitment of an event planning company. We would be happy to advise you on event planning in a personal meeting. Please feel free to call us on 0255 959 966 0 or send us an email to

Loosely based on the motto:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success" (Henry Ford).

we plan an unforgettable event for your company!

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