Company event with motto: Top or Flop?

70s, 80s and 90s - the retro theme party for your next company celebration

Corporate event meets theme party.

A new trend - company events with a motto?

It's that time again, the next company event is coming up. You still lack the right inspiration, but it is clear that it should not be an ordinary company party? Then give your event a very special flair and plan a special event. Company event with motto. In any case, one thing is already certain: Theme parties will be remembered for a long time! So that your company event is clearly a Top and small Flop you only have to pay attention to the right setting. There are countless possibilities for your event with a theme, but only selected ideas are also perfect for an exclusive corporate event. We have for you three extraordinary motto suggestions found that will make your celebration unforgettable!The real irish Christmas Mottoparty with the company | b-ceed: events

Elegance and glamour at the company event

Whether anniversary, summer party or Christmas party, every event is a very special thing for your company. Offer your employees an exclusive setting through a company event with a motto. The extraordinary, the breathtaking and the special moment count. A White Night, for example, is perfect as a framework theme for the company anniversary. Your employees can look forward to an elegant and glamorous evening. In the white decorated ambience with state-of-the-art equipment, a certain association is immediately created in the minds of the guests. A company anniversary is pure pride for any business and naturally deserves a special event that embodies this. So why not turn the classic celebration into a company event with a motto? Either way, it's guaranteed to turn the evening into an absolute highlight. Be proud of what you and your employees have created - a small empire.

A time travel through the decades

This company event with a theme leaves nothing to be desired, because it will be a hit! Let your team event become a retro themed party of the 70s, 80s or 90s in the city of your choice. The most diverse fashion styles, the brightest colors and the best selection of music hits of that time will turn an ordinary team event into a time travel in a class of its own. Don't we all have a decade we'd like to travel back to? No problem - the company event with the motto of the decades finally makes it possible. Fasten your seatbelts, because with 'Major Tom' or the best Schlager hits you can get in the mood for your very special event.

The Wiesn on your own company premises

This will certainly be a lot of fun! For all who like to celebrate hearty is this Company event with motto guaranteed the best choice! At the Oktoberfest brings the Bavarian Oktoberfest to your own company premises. The classic traditions, great atmosphere, unique entertainment and a lot of Bavarian beer provide the right atmosphere. But not only the well-known Oktoberfest awaits you and your employees. Varied Game Stations let the mood on this day rise to the heights. Have you ever tried to let a filled stein slide down a lane like in curling without it overshooting the target? If not, it's high time! Look forward to a Company event with motto in blue-white styles.Company event with motto at the Oktoberfest with b-ceed: events

Company events with a motto are definitely among the top events!

Give your employees a treat. Have you ever played with the idea of making a company event with a theme out of your party? Whether a casino event or a masked ball like in Venice, with the right motto themes your event will be a real highlight! Strengthen not only the motivation of your employees with a new event idea, but provide for an atmosphere in which one will feel completely well. Put an end to the classic company events, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of standards. The company event with a motto is the trend of tomorrow!

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